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Joost van Wijchen

Great work, and a road to continue within the field of health and healthcare. In this line of thought the biology and non- linear thinking get a place. Within the changing way health and future healthcare will evolve (ie. in Norway and Netherlands) the proposed framework will be off great help.
Thank you


Does philosophy have anything to offer science? A better question might be, do either philosophy or science have anything to offer humanity? Wait, hang on, I can explain...

Which philosophers or scientists are inspecting and challenging the simplistic "more is better" relationship with knowledge which is the foundation of science? Help me please, I can't find them.

The "more is better" relationship with knowledge would seem to assume that human beings can successfully manage any amount of power delivered at any rate. How could this possibly be true?

The "more is better" relationship with knowledge will generate an ever growing list of powers capable of crashing civilization, at an ever faster rate. Each power of that scale will have to be successfully managed every single day forever. How could that possibly be possible?

For reference, see the following conversation on a blog by an astro-physicist, who is complaining about philosophers of science. Observe how no one involved in that conversation seems to have a clue about the challenges described above.


Are philosophers or scientists clear enough thinkers to understand and face the most pressing issue of our time? One wonders.

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